"I do believe in an everyday sort of magic...the inexplicable connectedness we sometimes experience with places, people, works of art and the like; the eerie appropriateness of moments of synchronicity; the whispered voice, the hidden presence, when we think we're alone." Charles de Lint


I live in Lexington, MA with my husband Paul who is not only the love of my life, but also the minister of the Hancock United Church of Christ.  We have a house in South Portland, Maine where we spend as much time as we can.  Maine is where we raised our two sons, Nate and Sam and it will always feel like home.

After 23 years of teaching I have been lucky to be able to be mostly retired.  I am a part time caregiver and volunteer at church with various creative projects and gardens.

I am also lucky to have a wealth of creative friends and sisters who feed my soul and inspire my creativity.

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